Thailand cable Manufacturer ผลิตสายไฟ CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY


BCC has been fully committed to being part of the fabric of the society, interweaving people with the best fundamental infrastructure providing them the quality of living they deserve.

Deriving from our values, BCC undertakes our operations ethically and with due consideration to the environment and society as a good corporate citizen. Our CSR projects intend to facilitate sustainable environment and social development focusing on educational support, community activities and environmental conservation by providing our products for the public benefit and in support of charitable activities organized by the public and private sector.

Thailand cable Manufacturer ผลิตสายไฟ ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY


Committed to conserving the environment with sustainability every step of the way, BCC has embedded environment policy as significance in our way of doing business. From our manufacturing to the production management system and logistics, all are endorsed with environmentally-friendly policy and circular economy to conserve earth’s resource sustainably.

Thailand cable Manufacturer ผลิตสายไฟ ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY


Our business has contributed to the progress of the domestic and regional economy, driving the development of business to grow on the fundamental infrastructure laid widely in the region.

What BCC upholds in growing the business is the balance between economy, people’s life, and the environment, we will not trade off the valuable resources and value of life for business profit only. Our way of doing business doesn’t focus solely on generating benefit but we also focus on taking care of the environment and return the benefit to the community, making the economy sustainable for everyone.

Thailand cable Manufacturer ผลิตสายไฟ SAFETY


BCC has taken the utmost safety in the valuables and life of our employees, partners, and suppliers with great caution. Involving in the training and consulting project on occupation health and safety management system (TIS 18001 and OHSAS 18001), BCC’s main purpose is to achieve being "Safety Organization".