Our goal is to be the number one electrical wires and cables manufacturer in Southeast Asia by providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices with the fastest delivery. We will continuously develop our human capital, products, and manufacturing technologies to deliver superior value to our key stakeholders.


Our vision is to become a regional leader in electrical energy transmission, elevating innovative technologies, research, and development to pioneer industry leading solutions that will meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our pursuit of this vision will be underpinned by our commitments to sustainability and the principles of ‘circular economy’, contributing to the sustainable growth and happiness of the communities, societies, and environment that we reach.


• Customer Focus

Although we pay close attention to our competitors, we are always committed to developing the best solutions for our customers to earn their trust and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Our focus on our customer’s needs is the pillar of our drive for excellence in everything we do.

• Environment

We deeply care about the environment we operate in and reach out to. We realize the climate impact challenges that mankind faces together. BCC will continue to do business with the utmost care for the environment. The BCC Group of Companies invests in and operate large scale renewable energy projects, already resulting in Net Negative Carbon Emissions for our group of companies, the first of its kind in the industry globally.

• Social

Diversity and inclusion is at the core of our DNA. We always hire the best people, regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity. We listen to our people, understand differences in opinions and trust in them to deliver results. Our leadership principles, people committee and whistleblower programs have driven everlasting change in our company for the better.

• Family Values and Good Corporate Governance

As a family-owned company, we have carefully fostered different invaluable family values into the organization. The unity, trust and care found within families are what makes us unique and is the reason why our customer value proposition is unmatched, because we treat our customers like family.

Our entire organizational structure has been created with one underlying principle, great corporate governance. We deeply value transparency at all levels of the organization, focus on fostering relationships between all employees and continuously develop robust management structures to provide the best career opportunities the industry can offer.