Resistance to Fire Alone Test


Determine the cable of rated voltage not exceeding 600/1,000 V capability to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions.

Reference Standard

BS 6387 – Test method for resistance to fire of cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions

Test Detail

The flame test temperature used and the test duration to category C 950 ± 40°C for 3 hours

The sample shall be a piece of completed cable not less than 1200 mm long. Connect each conductor of sample to a separate phase of transformer output with a 2 A fuse or circuit breaker in each phase.

Switch on the electricity supply and adjust the voltage between phases to the rated voltage U (or in the case of a single core cable to the rated voltage to earth, U0 ).

Light the burner and adjust the air and gas supply to achieve the temperature required.

Performance Requirement

None of circuit breaker trips and none of the lamps is extinguished during the period of test