Flame propagation Test (IEEE 1202)


Determine the flame propagation tendency of cables intended for use in cable trays.

Reference Standard

IEEE 1202 : IEEE standard for flame propagation testing of wire and cable

The length of each cable specimen or each cable bundle shall be 2.4 m ± 0.1 m mounted on the cable tray and shall be conditioned 25° C ± 5° C for at least 3 h immediately before commencing the test.

The burner flame with theoretical heat output of 20 kW (70,000 Btu/h) shall impinge on the specimens for a continuous period of 20 min.

After burning has ceased , the cable shall be wiped clean and the maximum extent of damage shall be determined as follow:

Cable char damage : the limit of charring shall be determined by pressing against the cable surface with a sharp object. In place where the surface of the cable changes from resilient to a brittle or crumbling surface , the limit of charring has been identified.

Non- cable char damage : the limit of cable damage shall be defined as the point where the overall diameter is visibly reduced or increased.

Performance Requirement

The sample shall have complied with this standard and met the performance criteria if the length of cable damage does not exceed 1.5 m±25 mm in two tests by measuring the distance from the lower edge of the burner.